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Who we are

Rendaform is an company, that develops and provides cutting edge merchandising services for the video gaming community. We develop and bring to market tools and services that give gamers what they deserve and to game publishers what they need. We believe in a gaming ecosystem, that envelopes players, developers, merchandise creators and support services. It should all work together, and we take it upon ourselves to make it so. Our signature service is Print-a-Hero service.

What we offer

For Gamers

Rendaform is a company that gives your favorite video game heroes the gift of «life» — convert it to a tangible object that you can hold in your hands. Your Hero then, will travel through the treacherous plains and valleys and land right on your door step, or p.o. box. So what’s the catch? Well... your fantasy or game has to allow this. There are laws governing all realms both magical and real. We all abide by the rules and stipulations that govern us, especially if its a copyright law. So, if your favorite fantasy or game does not offer you to bring to life an action figure of your hero, avatar , items or even monsters — contact the developers and bid for a Rendaform! We are more then glad to work with any developer in order to make your fantasies and his awaken. You have the right to liberate your heroes and monsters from the confines of the screen. Together we can 3D print some really neat stuff!

For Game Developers and publishers

Do you have place for yet another revenue stream?

Are you looking to add merchandising to your game?

Opportunity to diversify your merchandising?

Add a new line of merchandise?

We provide game developers and publishers the tools and services in order to serve their customers and fans community with merchandise that they will enjoy and you will be proud of. The upcoming Print-a-Hero service is a perfect example of this.

Game developer need to do nothing. Just sign the contract. Seriously. Go check it out.

For the 3D printing services

You are a 3D printing facility that is interested to be part of our ever-growing network around the world? You can serve our customers near you better than your competitor from half continent away? Well we would like to consider welcoming you aboard. We require integration with our API and very high day by day operations standards. We serve real people and big portion of them are kids. We will not tolerate any of them disappointed not even once. Are you? Good.

So in case you interested we can offer ready to use components services and tool to make it all happen. We offer assistance in connecting, debugging & testing in case you already got your own web API in place we can help in bridging the gap and integrating things together.

Investment & Collaboration opportunitiesRendaform is always welcomes anyone that want to be part of the revolution. If you are serious about investing, partner or collaborating with us please contact

We here to change

The way it looks.

The way it feels.

The way it is produced.

The way it is distributed.

The way it is delivered.

And even the way it is purchased.

What we do

Rendaform focuses on creating new ways to add merchandise to the game. We focus specifically on games with 3D models. We work closely with most advanced vendors in 3D printing community and we constantly look to acquire new reliable service providers in that field. We are always looking to support new games and to add new services to players of games already supported.

Our Vision

There are no two video games that are exactly the same. No two persons are alike. Every game player is unique. So why anybody thinks that we all would like to consume same merchandise!? I am not like him! Do not offer me merchandise like his! I want My merchandise!

Rendaform vision is to revolutionize the video game merchandise.

We believe

That video game merchandise should be personal. Should be game players’ creation. Game player should be proud of what he created. It should be social. Game developer should be proud of what his players create and own. Merchandise is part of the game!

Our Promise

You will never see “Out of stock” with us.

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We're a team that like what we do

  • Eli Yukelzon, CTO VP R&D

    First started tinkering with computers at the tender age of 8. Competed in Demo competition “Movement” by the age of 13. By 14 Eli was working in his first startup Diversi Net. Before co-founding Rendaform, Eli mastered more than 15 programming languages (and is proficient in others). All that while nourishing a healthy addiction to WoW.

    Boris Daich, CEO

    I took my Dream and formalized it into a Vision later translated the vision into Milestones, Milestones have formed The Plan and The Plan is being executed by the right team of great people that work miracles together. I just make sure that the team has got what it needs and nothing disturbs it.

    Vladimir Vainer, Principal Enginer

    Started to program in Basic at age of 10 using only pen and paper. started with C++ at age 14. Enjoy tracking and solving bugs. Quality freak: Bad and ugly solutions may depress me. Love the command line. Enjoy writing code in Vim, and debug in gdb. Do appreciate good IDE with visual debugger and intellisense code completion.

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